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Video: Man Gets Out of Ticket by telling the Cop he was lookin at Booty!

I gotta use this next time!   
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Man Allegedly Throws Live Alligator in Wendy's Drive Thru Window!

The guy above allegedly threw a live alligator in a Wendys Drive Thru window! Now this may seem stupid to you and yes he probably scared the living piss out of whoever was working there,...
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Kanye's New Music So Good it Brought Lamar Odom Back TO Life!

Sources say that while Lamar was hospitalized and trying to recover back to 100% health, Kanye would stop by and play him rough cuts of the music he was working on.  He started...
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Burger King is Going to Start Selling Hotdogs?? Why??

This story has no punchline or alternate meaning. Just wanted yall to know you can get Hot dogs at Burger King soon!  I'm a vegetarian so I don't approve this message! ...
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Was the "Big Game Fixed"??

Some people are speculating that the Big Game was fixed. Mainly because of the panthers lack luster performance on the big stage. Check out this video some guy made saying why he...
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Valentine's Day Question: What Matters Most in Choosing a Mate??

Valentines Day is right around the corner and there are plenty of single women who want to be in a relationship.  Today on Steve Harvey's tv show he has some twins from Atlanta...
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You won't believe how Much money Beyonce made Red Lobster

So basically Beyonce is the new Oprah when it comes to her mentioning you and you making more money!  The sales were up 33% on sunday over the previous year! ...
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Implants for Men?? Turning your garden snake into a Python

Fellas out there who may not be slanging lumber can change their situation! Lol!  There is a Dr in Beverly Hills who says he can successfully do a Penis transplant. ...
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This is Messy: Ciara Sues Future for 15 million!

Where do I start? This Ciara and Future Break-up may be one of the most dramatic celebrity breakups ever!  Ciara is now suing Super Future for 15 million for defamation of...
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New York Knicks Fire Derrick Fisher

Derrick Fisher has had a rough few months. He got beat up by Matt Barnes because he was messing with Matt's ex. Matt Barnes actually drove 95 miles to beat his ass...but thats a different...
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