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Nashville's 10 Joints In A Row

Lizette Love


Ciara/Future Suit Gets Even UGLIER!!

Future thinks it's RIDICULOUS Ciara is trying to sue him for slander..he believes she slandered him first in her song "I Bet"! He says he could've sued her for slander then..but he didn't...
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WATCH: Man Gets Out Of A Traffic Ticket By Telling The Police He Was “Distracted By A Fat A$$” LMAO!

Can’t blame this guy at least he was trying to tell the truth. The police officer replied "I can't hold that against you" & then let him go!! LOL WHAT THE HECK! I AM SO TRYING...
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First Case Of Zika Virus CONFIRMED In Tennessee!

THINGS JUST GOT REAL! The Tennessee Department of Health received confirmation that the first person in the state that tested positive for the Zika virus disease is from East Tennessee. The...
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Beyonce & Jay Z Have NO IDEA What Snapchat Is! LOL

Jay Z and Beyonce were hanging out with Usher at the Super Bowl when he decided to snap a quick vid for the snap! Bey & Jay stared into the camera waiting for a flash when Usher turned...
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Lamar Is BACK After Miraculous Recovery!

Lamar Odom appears to be doing so well that even the doctors who treated him are in complete SHOCK! You would have never guessed this man suffered 12 strokes and couldn't even walk to...
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Ciara Sues Future For Calling Her A Bad Mother!!!!

Things just got a whole lot messier between these two ex lovers. Ciara is allegedly suing Future for blasting her mothering skills and attacking her relationship with Russell Wilson to...
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WATCH: UCLA Gymnast Does the “Nae Nae” & “Dabs” During INSANE Hip Hop Inspired Routine!

The typical world of gymnastics is one of elegance, poise, and grace. On Saturday, UCLA’s Sophina DeJesus rocked that world with a hip hop-inspired floor routine in a meet with the...
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WATCH: LMAO!! Kevin Hart FREAKS OUT When Presented With A Python!!

Comedian Kevin Hart freaks out when the Today Show present him and Ice Cube with some Australian reptiles 'I didn't work this hard to make it here to die'!! LMAO 
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Top NFL player Marshawn Lynch took to Twitter last night during SB50 to announce his retirement?? He simply tweeted a peace sign emoji, and attached a picture of his cleats hanging...
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LMAO! Taraji P. Henson Thinks All White People Look The Same..

You know how some people think that all white people, black people, hispanics, asians, ALL LOOK THE SAME!? Well...Taraji P. Henson seems to be one of those people LOL While watching the...
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